A.P.C Kanye Collection Already sold out


Kanye West’s menswear collaboration with APC sold out within a matter of hours. The capsule collection went on sale yesterday via the brand’s website – which crashed under the heavy stream of traffic.

The line – which features T-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans – is now available for pre-order, although it’s not known exactly when the second drop is expected. The collaboration was two years in the making. See the whole collection after the jump.

kanye-west-for-apc-dark-jeans-vogue-16july13-pr_426x639 kanye-west-for-apc-hooded-top-vogue-16july13-pr_426x639 kanye-west-for-apc-hooded-top-vogue-16july13-pr-2_426x639 kanye-west-for-apc-jeans-vogue-16july13-pr_426x639 kanye-west-for-apc-tshirt-vogue-16july13-pr_426x639 kanye-west-for-apc-tshirt-vogue-16july13-pr-1_426x639 kanye-west-for-apc-tshirt-vogue-16july13-pr-2_426x639 kanye-west-for-apc-tshirt-vogue-16july13-pr-3_426x639 kanye-west-for-apc-tshirt-vogue-16july13-pr-4_426x639 Kayne-West-Vogue-8Jul13-Instagram_b_426x639

Source: Vogue UK.

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