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Altaroma presents the 12 names of those participating in “Who is on Next?” 2013, whose collections will be presented as part of the rich events calendar of the AltaRomAltaModa event. The competition comprises two categories, i.e. clothing and accessories. In fact, for the first time ever, the latter will also include hats and jewellery, thus adding a unique touch and embellishing the creative presentation of this ninth edition even further.


Arthur Arbesser

Viennese by birth and Milanese by adoption, thanks to his family’s love of art, music and architecture, Arthur grew up with an innate appreciation for beautiful things.
His desire to express images and feelings is apparent in his exotic choice of colours and the use of unusual fabrics: his “no frills” approach gives way to sophisticated volumes inspired by architecture and design

The buzzwords of his collection are “useful and wearable”: coats are warm, knitwear is soft and jackets fit to perfection.

“COMEFORBREAKFAST” by Antonio Romano and Francesco Alagna

Comeforbreakfast is an independent label created in 2009 by Antonio Romano and Francesco Alagna. The creative duo got together to express their mutual skills in a contemporary fashion project with a crossover philosophy and a high design content.
Its mood, though seemingly minimalist and simple is anything but. In fact, the team’s tireless research on each and every item is at the core of their work in a bid to achieve a contemporary fit thanks to a delicate balance between fabrics, shapes and construction details targeted at the development of an entirely new Made in Italy concept.

Esme Vie by Julia Voitenko and Daria Golevko

A duo born from a friendship and common passion for fashion, Julia Voitenko and Daria Golevko combine Russian culture, from which they draw inspiration, with quality, innovation and Made in Italy tradition.
Esme Vie is a timeless brand, featuring a different take on the term “modern”: classical designs and innovative materials create a sophisticated, alluring collection. Their source of inspiration stems from their experience and their deep-rooted passion for 1950s fashion as an example of femininity and impeccable elegance.

Greta Boldini by Alexander Flagella and Michela Musco

“Greta Boldini is all about dreams, art and reverie, a meld of nuances stemming from the two designers innermost feelings and love of fashion.”
Alexander Flagella, an accessories designer and Michela Musco, a designer “obsessed with a precision for detail”, share a passion for beauty and time-honoured Italian cultural and aesthetic traditions.

A timeless Made in Italy look in which embroidery takes centre stage, with fabrics setting the scene for a perfect, alluring backdrop.

Quattromani by Massimo Noli and Nicola Frau

Massimo and Nicola first met as students at the Fashion Academy in Cagliari where they later rediscovered each other but, this time, as teachers. They thus decided to team up by pooling their ideas and resources to give life to a unique fashion project.
The focal point of their creations are the structural lines used to develop the silhouette of a two- dimensional garment that takes shape and is imbued with life when worn: minimalist lines and constructed volumes are emphasized by the juxtaposition of different textures.

A few mix and match pieces are further enhanced by the addition of a standout accessory, no longer merely decorative but a functional and structural part of the garment itself.
Hallmarks of their collection include experimentation and research, plays of intarsia, 3D geometric motifs and matter-like and chromatic contrasts.


Coliàc by Martina Grasselli

A collection of accessories and costume jewellery distinguished by its whimsical, contemporary and sophisticated tone, featuring a slightly surrealist touch. A skilful mix of materials makes the creations by Martina Grasselli unique. Additionally, for the forthcoming A/W 13-14 season, Martina has integrated the collection with her ColiacShoes line.

KA-MO by Camilla Stipa

The first collection in the world of “multi-face” sandals, complete with a patented design. Young designer Camilla Stipa has devised a clever system of leather strips on rings to switch the uppers of traditional Italian thong sandals to enable women to change their style at will. KA-MO is synonymous with innovation, quality materials and artisanship.

The collections boast a kaleidoscope of 100% guaranteed Made in Italy, handcrafted raw materials.

LedaOtto by Simona Cassai and Marta Saletti

Young Tuscan designers, Simona Cassai and Marta Saletti are the brainchildren behind the LedaOtto jewellery line. Uniquely bold and unlike any other, each piece in the collection is inspired by famous global landmarks, both cultural and political.
“The blueprint is carefully selected in accordance with its adaptability to the recreation as a jewel, keeping the original proportions of the design through the use of graphic software.” Their nickel-free, hypoallergenic, durable Made in Italy statement pieces are the result of painstaking research and meticulous attention to detail, dominated by a winning play of references to the past and the present.

Melis Yildiz by Melis Paciotti

A combination of geometric lines, vibrant, contrasting colours, elegance and femininity. These are the signature features of the lines of shoes and bags signed by Melis Yildiz. Above all else, this young designer of Turkish origin prioritizes raw materials and attention to detail to give her creations the unique flavour of a handcrafted product.

MEMENTO DUO by Fausto Poli

Focusing on the time-honoured tradition of handcrafted Italian footwear and freely inspired by famous rock icons, MEMENTO DUO is the brand founded by Fausto Poli and a friend.
A unisex last, 3 and 5cm heels for both men and women with no distinction of gender and quirky details that make the difference.

100% Made in Italy products, entirely sewn and assembled by hand

Paul Andrew

A meticulous approach and a pioneering stylistic sensitivity distinguish the Paul Andrew footwear brand which though innovative is also deep-rooted in tradition and absolutely devoted to comfort and performance. Sensual and sophisticated, without severity, the creations of this young British designer are an undeniable ode to shape and art.

SuperDuper Hats by Ilaria Cornacchini, Veronica Cornacchini and Matteo Gioli

Part fun, part passion, SuperDuperHats is a brand dedicated entirely to the creation of hats. It all began when Ilaria, Veronica and Matteo came into possession of a wooden last used to make hats. Each SuperDuper product is the result of hours of work involving the laborious transformation of a high-quality raw material into a unique, authentic, handcrafted product.

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