Elin Kling models new Marciano collection designed by Kling herself.

Elin Kling, a Swedish blogger, created a capsule collection with Marciano that will début November 1st in stores.  While Kling and Marciano have very different styles aesthetically, the blending of the two styles created a collection full of “European effortless plus Guess’s all-American sexiness” including easy to wear separates for a lifestyle in a urban environment.

The capsule collection includes pieces such as oversized and chunky sweaters, skinny pants with interesting textures, relaxed tees and tank tops, and a reinvented version of the black Lycra bustier famous in the 80’s.

Vogue celebrated the collaboration and launch of the capsule collection by doing a photo-shoot of Kling herself mixing her new capsule collection designs from Marciano with pieces she already had in her closet creating a personalized look into the bloggers European street style.

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