Patrick Robinson Announces New Urban Sportswear Line

sketch1Former Gap designer and newly appointed creative director of Armani Exchange, Patrick Robinson, announced his new urban sportswear line, PASKHO through a Kickstarter account. The designer is using the account to raise $50,000 to fund the collection. Robinson is thanking his donators with gifts such as autographed sketches and clothing from the collection, and is even awarding his highest paying donators with a private dinner with him and a complete outfit from the collection.

Robinson thought of the idea through a conversation with his son, where he discovered that he had “stopped designing clothes and had instead become the guy who manages the people who design the clothes.” He wanted to go back to his passion for designing clothes, leading him to PASKHO, which is ancient Greek for passion.

The collection is geared towards lounge, active wear, and urban clothing. Robinson uses his skill of stitching and fitting to deliver meticulously crafted garments such as tunic, henleys, and warrior trousers.



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